The Kingdoms of Novitas Game Rules

The Kingdoms of Novitas Game Rules

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Character Rules

Kingdoms of Novitas, like any story, uses characters as the catalysts of the plot. How the characters in a story interact with each other and the environment determines the mood and often the direction of the story. Unlike a normal book or play, the plot at Kingdoms of Novitas is fluid and changes almost every hour based on the actions of the participants. By creating their own characters, players personally impact the game world and the ongoing plot line. This multitude of variables makes Kingdoms of Novitas far more dynamic than any book, movie or play is even close to capable of!

The term "character" is generally shortened here and elsewhere from "Player Character" to simply "PC".

Character development is open-ended: there are no classes, alignments or maximum level.

Combat Rules

Combat in the Kingdoms of Novitas can happen at any time with no notice. It moves as fast as the players make it move. Understanding what is happening can be very important to keeping the flow of the game going.

Crafting And Production Rules

Production skills form the basis of the economy of the game, and are codified to allow character's to craft both consumable and permanent items. These skills are not meant to represent the only means for a character to earn in-game money at KoN, but they do form a great base to start with. Players are, within limits, free to experiment with other goods and services, but it's generally a good idea to chat with other players who have tried such experiments first.

Encounter Rules

Encounter rules cover special abilities that are generally exclusive to creatures that players encounter (unique magic items are capable of sometimes duplicating some of these abilities).

Fundamental Rules

The fundamental rules of the game cover the core concepts of how the game is played. Players should make sure they fully understand each of these rules before coming to a game as these rules explain the most critical parts of the game.

Item Rules

Another important element of fantasy are the selection of tools characters use to accomplish their goals. Here you'll find information on different kinds of gear your character might find, create or trade for.

Magic Rules

Magic brings the elements of fantasy to the game. While these rules are certainly important to the game, new players only need to understand how to cast spells when they are ready to do so, prior to that as long as you know what happens when you are hit by a spell that is enough.

Prop Rules

This information is about how the many different kinds of items in the game are represented. Most of these guidelines only matter when you want to bring your own props into the game. Anything already in the game should already meet these guidelines.

Real World Rules

This section relates to out-of-game rules detailing how the game is organized. The pages include information on the structure of each event both in the week before and during. You'll also find information on the small army of volunteers who make the game possible. The information here is not critical for gameplay, but reading through it will help you understand what all the different moving parts of the game are doing to make everything happen.

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